A vote against boredom and mediocrity! Call 813.244.9843



A vote against boredom and mediocrity! 


All of our boats are semi-custom and built with the customer in mind. On this site you will find pictures and brochures of each of our currently available boats and a listing of our active dealerships.

We are in the process of adding more dealerships to our network, so if you can not find a dealership near you, please don’t hesitate to call or send us an email.
We love to hear stories from and stay in contact with our current Nimble Boat owners, so we have added an area for you to submit your stories and contact information to us as well as read the tales of your fellow Nimble owners.

Coming soon is the most incredible trawler any family, retiring traveler or retired person could desire, and it comes at a value that is more than fair, and actually a bargain for the travel enjoyment you will experience when you are behind this new 29-foot family trawler.

Would you like to coast along the water, listening to the birds, enjoying the sound of the water lapping against the boat? After a day of boating, then how would you like to sleep in one of two comfortable beds, take a refreshing shower and make a home-made meal, all within the confines of the boat?

Happiness“It’s a camper on wheels,” one person said.

“It’s everything you need to live on the water,” said another.

If you are new to Nimble Boats, you are about to experience features associated with much more expensive trawling boats.

Nimble Boats are perfect for families who want to spend a weekend on the water or take a vacation or spend the summer.

It’s perfect for the retired boater who can trawl up the coastlines of our great country,or inland up streams and along rivers. See the world from a different perspective.

Free your mind of the every-day issues of our world and relax as your boat floats along the waters creating memories for a lifetime.